Coraabia Wiki
Card prachaan zaan.png
RarityC, U, R, G
FactionsGuardian, Mercenary, Outlaw
SetsCoraab, Orbitala, Basic, Collector, Centropolis
BoostersSingleton, Basic, Collector, Centropolis

BOT (abbreviation of a common word robot) is a name for a corporal or immaterial representative of a wide range of AI, mechanical cultures, unique prototypes, or production series. There are many different production series of bots. There are also few AI that are completely autonomous, such as PRACHAAN ZAAN.

Subtype features

  • Ordinary industry BOT series have one big weakness, zero Karma. Many of them have the abilities Restart, or Summon, to compensate for this disadvantage.



  • BOTs have two different connections:

Honk to boost Danger

Honk 1 connection.png Honk 2 connection.png Honk 3 connection.png

Corash Guilds to add points

Corash guilds 1 connection.png Corash guilds 2 connection.png Corash guilds 3 connection.png

BOT characters