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Card bo-ke.png
RarityU, R, G
FactionsGuardian, Mercenary, Outlaw
SetsCoraab, Basic, Collector, Centropolis
BoostersSingleton, Basic, Collector, Centropolis

BAEL is one of advanced subtypes in the game. Bael is a modern name for a member of the exotic nation of skeletal beings on a selenium-silicate base. Baels call themselves Baëch Bahöf (which is loosely translated as Bones of the World's Origin). They come from an ancient race of Du'Baels (also known as "Wild Bones"), but their true origin is yet to be discovered.

Subtype features

  • Most BAELs in the game are Rare and have 3 abilities. One is usually passive.
  • Each BAEL works well with a different faction.


  • Some other characters as MASTODONTHA can work with BAELs, but they work best together.


  • There is only one connection supporting BAELs, which is BAHOOFA. It adds +1 or +2 points for winning duels.

Bahoofa 1 connection.png Bahoofa 2 connection.png

BAEL characters