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The temperature of B'Khelith's skin is said to have reached 2000°C during his fits of rage.
(Coraabia Artist: David Melvin)

Race: Daemon

Homeworld: Grannok

Era: 3111 Tu - present

A symbol of the tyranny of daemons over the planet Grannok is named B'Khelith. It was this very feared daemon who killed the peaceful Hwarang and thus symbolically ended the era of coexistence with other lifeforms. As well as other daemons, B'Khelith originated from the semi-intelligent mass Xa, which began to spawn ever more and more bloodthirsty creatures by the time of B'Khelith's coming. Under his unwritten leadership, daemons then became the terror of all that lived. Proto Xins - the local guardians - repeatedly tried to interfere, yet all attempts to eliminate the mighty B'Khelith always resulted in catastrophic casualties. With his bionic power, B'Khelith is able to blow the surrounding Xa to smithereens, creating thousands of sharp splinters, or to melt the mass into a dangerous sticky liquid which self-ignites on contact with the skin of the enemies.

B'Khelith stands behing the series of merciless massacres after which most of the corporations withdrew from Grannok and the protection costs skyrocketed to astronomical heights. Excavation of the coveted mass Xa poses a great risk, which makes it one of the most expensive industrial materials. These days, Grannok is the only world in Coraabia where the mass Xa can be found.

The syndicate of Xa miners listed a fat bounty on B'Khelith's head, wishfully thinking it would attract xennohunters. Eventually, their victim was some Bu Khellit, a Tol'Pontian corset vendor in a souvenir shop. The investigation later revealed he was a wanted impostor with an unfortunately chosen false name. Thus the most dangerous living daemon in Coraabia still escapes his perdition.