Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Travis Wright)

Race: Tal

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4206 Tu - 4276 Tu

The iop-log depicting an armored maniac burning down the crowded ObradaTu mall hangs on sector police stations already for several Tu. Despite that, Armur is still on the run. Officials keep speculating, whether he is an insane terrorist torturing the society for a reason known only to him, or just some mentally unstable freak on a warpath against everyone and everything. Armur hit four times so far, resulting in 310 civilian casualties and several sector kop deaths . His attacks follow no obvious pattern, which makes him nearly impossible to track down. Although kops were repeatedy able to catch up with him right after he stroke, their low-energy weapons were no match for his remarkably resilient armor. Each time, after wreaking havoc on its pursuers, Armur lit his powerful jetpack and simply flew away.

According to coraab secret services' reports, the man under Armur's corabit armor was identified as a manipulation worker named Taltanh BuFassa . For yet unknown reasons, he left his home and job from day to day and commited to the lone path of crime. Taltanh is a skilled technician, known by his former co-workers for his passion for combustibles and acids.

In the past, Taltanh became a fanatic member of fundamentalist Kee sect. He never mentioned it even to his relatives, whom he later burned to ash in their sleep. This Miner in fact suffers from a mental disorder that makes him excessively paranoid. He sees the world as an ever still place that can only be activated by fire. Only Iblort knows when will Armur strike again.