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Called dikhor in the language Coraabish.


Antigrav − an old model of the armored Tan-550T, that served reliably for centuries in many Tal colonies during transportation of precious cargo.
(Coraabia Artist: Markus Lovadina)

Antigrav is an all-encompassing term for any means of transportation that utilizes anti-gravity on a surface of a planet or in its stratosphere. Thanks to the artificially created gravity field, no rolling resistance in present, which leads to lower energy losses during motion.

It is the most used mode of transportation in the last millennium on Coraab, Traxol, Annor, and other Cosmopolitan Worlds.


  • monograv − a single-seated light vehicle
  • grav-bot − a smaller unmanned vehicle
  • gravtron − a large ground military vehicle

For interplanetary transportation, large magravs or smaller agravas are used. Iogravs are modified magravs used for stretching Wakian strings.