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Race: varies, usually Tal

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: around 3620 Tu - 4033 Tu

There was once a saying on the great Orbital university: If you want to lose your mind, try to graduate with xot diploma or become an algebrid. After the death of despotic Beupo XII in 3604 Tu, the rector's office was entrusted to liberal traveller and philanthropist Xach Koinich. In his travels around Coraabian multiverse, he has seen and experienced many things and decided to apply them on academic grounds. One of those experiments was a certain breed of cerebral xennoparasite imported from distant CuCaan, where it was known for helping local people solve series of complex math tasks without need of any computational technology or cybernetic implants. This led to the foundation of so called algebrid course, which focused on fulfilling demand for brilliant mathematicians in purist and derobotized areas.

In exchange for exoparasite's computational capacity, Algebrid loses great part of its own personality - parasite connects to host's brain interface quite brutally and during the initial latch irreversibly damages the organ. Its removal is a risky and lengthy process, which often forces algebrids to carry out their task for the rest of their lives. This and other drawbacks led to termination of this course after a few centuries.

Algebrids were nicknamed rochts by other students on Orbital university's grounds. Algebrid, deep in symbiotic trance, doesn't react to outer stimuli and often drools or defecates uncontrollably. It also doesnt eat, drink or sleep until it solves currently given problem. Many algebrids irreversibly damaged their health while trying to figure out complex cosmologic questions.