Alex Ruiz

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Country: USA


Bio: Alex Ruiz began his artistic career at the age of 19, as a character animator in The Simpsons. He then became an assistent director of the entire series. It was then that Alex realized he feels more fulfilled while creating static, not moving, pictures and became an illustrator. He moved to a position of the chief illustrator at merchandising department of 20th Century Fox. He worked e.g. on Avatar by James Cameron, Aliens, Halo 3, Eragon, Family Guy, toys from pieces by McFarlane/Spawn and many others.

Alex is currently a freelance illustrator. He lends his skills to 20th Century Fox, Activision, The Workshop, Universal Studios, Sony, Radical Comics, Virgin Comics. He also cooperates with visual effects studios Frame Machina, Perspective Studios and The Picturemill. His remaining time is spent on teaching concept design, digital painting and anatomy at Los Angeles Art College.