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Abha-cu are one of the most skilled humanoid treeclimbers. They build their dendropolises in heights of up to three hundred meters.
(Coraabia Artist: Mark MarkT)

Race: Bchai

Homeworld: Annor

Era: ? - present

Bchais are a rare ethnic group inhabiting the farthest areas of Bel-nnorian megachaalk on Annor. They hunt smaller ruuks and the biggest families build extended treetop dendropolises. These fourhanded Xennos have a unique ability to use sunlight to instantly regenerate their skin. They maintain its quality by getting nutritional tattoos with a high meta-lichen content, which they apply on the vast majority of their bodies. Bchais are well-known weavers of nets and cages, their products are selling well on Annorian markets. Thanks to two pairs of arms, they also climb very well - an essential skill in a life spent in dizzying heights. The title of Abha-cu is bestowed only on the best treeclimbers, who then have the honor to guard the Bchai dendropolis against any possible threat.

No Abha-cu can be spotted by another Abha-cu during his responsible patrol - it would lead to an utter social humiliation. Since these elite Bchai climbers carefully watch out for this faux pax, each Abha-cu gradually gains the impression that he perform his sacred service completely alone. Thus it has never been possible to determine their exact numbers – they live in complete isolation.

All Abha-cus must learn to anticipate the upcoming death and manage to get to their hideouts in order to rot in a camouflaged tree hollow unseen by anyone. Bchai liturgy states that if any Bchai sees a dead Abha-cu, it means the end of the world is nigh. Everyone who is elected Abha-cu and leaves the community is officially designated as a venerable spirit after ten rains.